Welcome to our Blog! Here you can find updates about our international projects.

Day 4

We walked to a castle and had a tour of it then later we watched an arts show

Day 3

We met at the school and then we went to Lisbon and visited two museums and they were lovely

Day 2

We did the opposite of wat we did the day before and then we had free time and had dinner with everyone at the moon hill hostel


We visited an art museum called Gulbenkian museum. It was a museum on art collections from many many years ago. I am a fan of art so this was very enjoyable.

We went to the old town of Sintra. It involves a lot of walking but it was worth it. It was a nice moment and place to be in. Along with the lovely weather the food was amazing too. We ate at a bar/restaurant and I can say their sandwiches and burgers were nothing like the ones in Ireland.

We also watched a theratrical performance by the portugeese students at their school. It was very interesting and different to see their performance. Afterwards we had dinner and played football. I enjoy playing football with the lads, they are unbelievably skillful.